We are super proud of our Bushcraft awards scheme, which we deliver to a variety of schools and other organisations. For each and every school, we deliver a bespoke plan designed around your school timetable. We often have special requests for ‘One-off topic days’ – Such as the one we did recently – A Topic on The Great Fire of London. 

Our creative team puts together a cross-curriculum plan that is extremely beneficial and rewarding to not only the children but also your teaching team. We focus on a greener way of living as well as promoting a better understanding of the natural world. Our Bushcraft program is designed to be progressive, and delivery is adapted for each year group, and this is outlined in our in-depth planning. Our creative team is headed by our Educational consultant Nikki, who ensures we deliver a Gold standard service, from planning through to operational delivery. To complement our Awards scheme, we have developed our very own Bushcraft Passport – An A5 Booklet that is issued to each pupil, that allows us to log their progress and gives parents, children, and teaching staff a fantastic point of reference for future lesson linking. 

We can provide a whole range of services;

  • A full-year programme ( Usually 1 or 2 days a week)
  • AD HOC Days
  • Residential trips – Scotland or the Yorkshire Dales
  • Specialist topic days

Please do get in touch for more details. We can put together a bespoke quote for your school.  For more information, please email our creative team at [email protected]





                                INSPIRE. ENCOURAGE. EDUCATE.

About Us

Our aim is to inspire, encourage and educate, everyone to reconnect with nature and enjoy what it has to offer.


YDB has various base camps across Yorkshire. Please see your course for details


Office hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm Telephone: 07919 148210Email: [email protected]

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