What do we offer?

Our team-building days are carefully designed to bring out the best in your team. Each experience can be tailored for your group and can be made as challenging or as relaxed as you like. 

What does the day involve? 

After a welcome brief around the campfire, your team will be placed in survival scenarios that are carefully designed to promote leadership and teamwork. Throughout the experience, participants will need to plan and prioritize essential survival tasks. For each achievement, there is a reward. Possibly a new tool, “words of advice” or something to cook on the open fire!

Our experiences can be tailored to each group, they can be made as challenging or as relaxed as you like.

How long does it last?

  • A single, 1-day event usually runs from 10 am – 4 pm
  • Overnight bushcraft experience- This is one of our most popular options, running from 10 am – 10 am
  • 4 nights Coastal Survival Expedition, Isle of Rum

All refreshments and food are included- If you opt for the overnight stay we also included breakfast before departure.

Please get in touch for more information on the email address below

[email protected]



About Us

Our aim is to inspire, encourage and educate, everyone to reconnect with nature and enjoy what it has to offer.


YDB has various base camps across Yorkshire. Please see your course for details


Office hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm Telephone: 07919 148210Email: [email protected]

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