Wilderness Cookery & bakery courses



Here at our stunning Camp Katur basecamp we have a whole range of cookery & Bakery courses for you to chose from. In your cookery experience you will learn how to prepare and manage the perfect campfire for cooking. From selecting the correct wood to creating a perfect cooking temperature.  Each course is designed to be an immersive, hands on experience. No previous experience is necessary, our highly trained team will take car of you.  

Stay with us – Why not book a short break with us here at our Camp KATUR Basecamp – We have a whole range of stunning accommodation option on offer here at basecamp. Click the link to explore the options for your next break. Stay – Camp Kátur (campkatur.com)


About Us

Here at Yorkshire Dales Bushcraft we aim to make Bushcraft accessible to as many people as possible. You don't require any Bushcraft experience at all to attend any of our events.


Yorkshire Dales Bushcraft has a number of basecamps across the mainland and the Scottish Isles. Please check via the events page on our website for the location(s) of each of our experiences.


Office hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm Telephone: 07919 148210Email: [email protected]